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Evo compliance has been at the top of its field since 1998, supporting Australian Vehicle importers and Vehicle Manufacturers from local and international markets.

We have extensive experience within the automotive field with over 15 years in automotive/mechanical engineering consulting, vehicle compliance and certification.

Our approach to each project is systematic and tailored to suit our client’s needs, always producing positive results of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on completing every project, taking on any challenge and exceeding our client’s expectations.

why evo compliance?

A customised approach to suit the individual needs of each project is undertaken. We prepare a needs analysis by working with you to establish your plans and requirements, allowing us to complete and submit a full proposal and costing. This provides a clear understanding of the project task and any challenges ahead, with a plan to overcome any obstacle.
evo compliance holds diverse and extensive professional experience relevant to the automotive industry. We have extensive experience with Full and Low Volume New Vehicle Compliance, RAWS Compliance, ICV’s and the Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS).

Several of our past projects were rejected by our competitors, due to the complex nature of their designs and configurations and hence difficulties of compliance. We pride ourselves on never saying ‘No’ to a project, always delivering on what we promise and in all cases exceeding our client’s expectations.

We have a wealth of experience with Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Buses, Trailers and many other types of vehicles.

Our team ensures that our client’s requirements are always exceeded providing service beyond the scope of our quotation. We also endeavour to assist our clients in the marketing and sales of their products by networking with our associates and contacts.

All of our results need to embrace one keep result and that is safety – Safety of our clients, their customers and all other road users.

 In addition, we advise in terms of business and systems solutions relevant to the import, design, engineering and compliance of vehicles. We are also able to provide other services relevant to your project, such as risk management and quality systems development and implementation.

In meeting the challenges of the automotive industry today, the needs for rigour, diligence and integrity are of utmost importance. evo compliance has adopted an in house quality and risk management program, which includes the security of all client documents and electronic files. Our systems ensure that our client’s requirements for confidentiality are effectively met, that all consultancy activities are fully documented and supervised, and that the highest of professional standards are consistently applied to all aspects of our work.

evo compliance ensures that every project is well managed ensuring the timely outcome of all objectives. We also identify the risks of each of our client projects and advise how to best eliminate or control those risks within your business environment. We are proud of the reputation these systems have allowed us to achieve.

Client confidentiality is paramount. Business information stays with us and will only be shared with others if you give us permission to do so. Equally, we may share with you information that we would prefer stays with you. Your business will be driven by innovation and creativity and selling concepts that need to remain yours – and we will support that.
evo compliance carries Workers Compensation Insurance, Public Liability cover and Professional Indemnity Insurance. Details of our policies can be provided upon request.


evo compliance has played a crucial role in the development of Convict Motorcycles. Lead by Anthony Chrisis, evo compliance has assisted Convict over a 5 year period to achieve the status of Australia’s most successful production bike, judged by our peers at the World Championship of Bike Building.

Anthony’s patience and perserverance with our organisation, through our first experience in the full-volume compliance process, has been the foundation of all we have achieved.

As quality engineers and gentlemen, I fully recommend the Evotive Group and evo compliance to any potential customer.


We have been importing off road trial bikes from Europe since 2005. We have imported 100’s of bikes, but always OFF ROAD use only. In 2015 we had our first Road registered bike, so being complete greenhorns at the whole process we sort out a compliance Engineering firm to help us through the minefield.

We picked EVO purely based on how close they were to our premises – how lucky we were!

Wouldn’t matter if they were in another state, I will definitely take any further compliance work back to the EVO crew.

They could not have made it easier, and guided us all the way from the first quotes, right through to the compliance plated delivery, and the bikes on the road. We were in good hands all the way.


Ural Australia Pty Ltd are importers and distributors for the unique Ural sidecar motorcycles. Since starting our business in 2007 we have used Evo Compliance exclusively. They organised ADR compliance for our motorcycles and have provided ongoing support with compliance plate supply, compliance testing of new components and models and advice to ourselves and customers regarding related compliance matters.

We thoroughly recommend their work and the helpful manner in which they go about it.


Once again, congratulations to you Anthony, Gary, Rad and Kate for finally getting me to this day.

If I ever did something like this again, I would automatically contact EVO Compliance as my first port of call. I sincerely mean this.

Thank you Anthony for allowing me to annoy you of late, and for going the extra mile and helping sort out the final hurdle with the Registration issue.


Anthony is a very professional and competent engineer whose experience in the compliance and ADR ruling is unsurpassed. He comes highly recommended from my personal experience.

As a professional he goes above and beyond his call of duty. I have no doubts in my mind that he can do what you want him to do with little or no bulls**t involved, which is what you want from your engineer.


Evo Compliance are wonderful to work with. Very helpful and knowledgeable. They have taken our projects on board without any issues and been able to cover all aspect of our requirements.


My daughter and I restored a 1976 Kombi last year. She had wanted Kombi for many years and we finally got round to it. The time came to fit a rear seat and seat belts, and to obtain a certificate of compliance. Anthony Chrisis came to the workshop before we started on the seat/seat belts and gave us some extremely valuable advice. This advice enabled us to get the job done right first time, which saved a lot of time and hassle

He also gave us some excellent advice and help with other parts of the restoration

I can thoroughly recommend Anthony and his company: EVO Compliance


meet the team

Anthony Chrisis
Anthony ChrisisDirector of Engineering & Compliance

Anthony has been in the engineering field for over 15 years and has certified a range of vehicles from New Full Volume to modified enthusiast vehicles. He is an automotive and motor sport enthusiast and his passion is reflected in his work. This passion is also shared with our clients as he strives to always exceed their expectations, whilst maintaining the highest standards and levels of safety.

Garry Joel
Garry JoelProduction & Operations Manager

Garry brings his wealth of experience to our workshop facility and engineering office, ensuring that all projects are completed on time and to the highest quality. Also an automotive and motor sport enthusiast, Garry is dedicated to producing the best solutions for all client projects.

Kate Sciberras
Kate SciberrasCustomer Relations & Accounts Manager

Kate ensures that our customers continually experience the highest level of service, ensuring that all projects are running smoothly and all project admin and accounts are up to date. Surrounded by automotive and motor sport enthusiasts, Kate has taken a keen passion to the automotive industry.

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