EVO Compliance has a qualified Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS) certifier who is licensed certify all Heavy Vehicle modification codes.

A range of modifications that can be certified include:

  • Replacement Engine Installation
  • Turbocharger Installation
  • Exhaust System Alteration and Installation
  • Replacement Transmission Installation
  • Rear Axle Installation / Additional Rear Axle Installation
  • Front Axle Installation
  • Steering Modifications
  • Dual Steering Controls
  • Suspension Replacement
  • Brake system Upgrades
  • Wheelbase Extension / Reduction
  • Chassis Extension / Reduction
  • Tipper Body Modifications
  • Tanker Body Modifications
  • Seating Capacity Alteration
  • Seat Belt Installation
  • Seat and Seatbelt Anchorage Installation
  • Cabin Conversions
  • Fuel Tank Alterations
  • Goods Loading Device Installation
  • Fifth wheel turntables

All modifications are required to be certified with respect to the National Code of Practice for Heavy Vehicle Modification (VSB 6). Refer to link below.


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