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New Vehicle Full & Low Volume Compliance

Evo compliance can look after the entire Full Volume or Low Volume process for you. Everything from your importing requirements including import approvals, licensee, design facility and production facility….

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Vehicle Import Approval Documentation

A vehicle import approval is required for each and every vehicle imported to Australia. The following provides an outline of the various types of import approval options available. Evo compliance have a vast amount of experience dealing with all of these import options and can take care of any documentation and submissions required.

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Light Vehicle Modifications and Certification

If your car or motorcycle has been modified, it is likely that it will require engineering certification. Evo compliance has a qualified Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS) certifier who is licensed certify all Light Vehicle modification codes.

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Heavy Vehicles Modifications and Certification

Evo compliance has a qualified Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS) certifier who is licensed certify all Heavy Vehicle modification codes.

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RAWS Workshop Setup & Evidence Packages

We will assist you to fulfil every requirement in setting up your RAWS workshop, including an ISO 9001 Quality Management System, through to managing the testing and creation of the necessary vehicle evidence documentation packages.

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Custom Built Motorcycle Certification

We have developed in depth compliance build plans to minimise your project’s compliance costs and build time – working with you to get your project on the road sooner and at a lower cost to you. As well as ground up builds, we can also certify your Custom Harley, Chopper, Bobber, Café Racer, Streetfighter or any other creation.

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Aftermarket Component Certification

Evo compliance will analyse, test and comply existing aftermarket automotive products with respect to relevant Australian Design Rules. This ensures that your product will not negatively affect vehicle compliance.

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ICV Certification (Individually Constructed Vehicle)

All custom built vehicles or kit cars require certification prior to registration. Whether it’s a home built project or a professionally assembled kit car, they must be built within the scope Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification System (VSCCS) Bulletin 2 and with respect to the applicable Australian Design Rules nominated within Bulletin 2.

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Street Rods / Hot Rods

Street Rods are defined as a vehicle that has a body and frame that were built before 1949, that has been modified for safe road use, or a replica of a vehicle the body and frame of which were built before 1949.

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Engineering Services

Every project is unique and requires a fresh thought process, which identifies practical solutions. We have extensive experience in researching and developing new systems, components and entire vehicles for various applications and which are compliant to necessary standards.

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Analysis & Testing

Each compliance project requires the correlation of any overseas standards that the vehicle already complies with and ADR analysis identifying where further testing will be required. Evo compliance is registered with the Department of Infrastructure and Transport to conduct Australian Design Rule testing.

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Expert Witness Reports and Services

Our Director of Engineering and Compliance – Anthony Chrisis has written many Expert Witness reports for various court case matters, including appearances in court as required. Our expert has been engaged by insurance companies and other large organisations as well as individuals.

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ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001 provides organizations with a comprehensive process-focused framework upon which you can build business processes that lead to the successful achievement of organisational objectives.

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No matter the type of project, automotive or non-automotive, Evo compliance has the capability to assist in the design and prototyping of any components. Whether prototyping individual components on a vehicle in order to achieve compliance or developing new concept products, we are there to streamline the process for you.

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Evo compliance can manage all of your importing needs, including post-manufacture audits at point of supply.

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NEVDIS Authorised VIN Submitter

Whether you need 1 VIN or 1000 VIN’s, Evo compliance has their own NEVDIS Authorised VIN Submitter who can submit VIN’s as well as develop and apply for your very own VIN decode structure.

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